Five Reasons to Travel to Maui, Hawaii

There are thousands of reasons why Maui is considered to be and often referred to as “the world’s best island.” Each of these reasons contributes to the island’s intoxicating charm. Here people celebrate watching the sunset with warm weather throughout the year. Maui offers opportunities to hike the mountains, relax on spectacular beaches, explore natural beauty, experience local culture, and enjoying numerous outdoor activities. Guests are also treated with aloha.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to travel to Maui and experience what the island has to offer.

Stunning Beaches

Maui has some of the most beautiful and stunning beaches not only in Hawaii but around the world. In fact, it has more miles of pristine white sand beaches for swimming than any other Hawaiian Island. You can go to the beach for three months literally, without repeating a spot. The sand comes in red, black and white giving numerous scenic moments to indulge in while splashing the waves. You are also likely to spot Honu (a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) or two at the Ho’okipa State Beach Park lazing in the waters. You will find showers, lifeguards, restrooms and pick nick areas making the beach live to its name Ho’okipa meaning hospitality in the Hawaiian language.

Beautiful views

Haleakala Crater is a popular spot of the Maui Island thanks to its volcanic terrain and beautiful scenery that is located over 10,000 feet above the sea. Nicknamed “housing of the rising sun” Haleakala is home to several endangered species that are not available anywhere else as well as home to some of the perfect sunrise views globally.

Road to Hana

Take a road trip through the “road of Hana” also called “Hana Highway. The 68 miles stretch across the tropical Hawaiian rainforest will captivate you with the scenic coastline and cascading waterfalls. Feed well, pack your bag and get ready for an all-day adventure of cliff-hanging views and winding roads. The forest is home to 59 one-lane bridges and more than 606 curves, the reason most visitors opt to use the road in the company of a friendly guide and an experienced driver.

The Food

You will get to enjoy coconut candy, freshly cut pineapples, banana popsicles, banana smoothies, sugarcane juice and drinking coconut when on a road trip on Maui. The Road to Hana has many fruity garlands of stalls that include Hana Fresh on the 34-mile marker, Twin Falls a little past the 2-mile marker and Half-way to Hana on the 17th-mile marker.

Shave Ice is also a favorite in Maui. It’s made using homemade syrups extracted from local fruits and sugar cane with filtered pure water.


Enjoy hiking at Ka’eleku cave while visiting Maui, Hawaii. The cave offers a dark, cool change of pace to the beautiful landscape above. The cave is near Hana and is the most accessible and largest lava tube in Maui. It was formed during the creation of the island and it has a vein-like formation. You can take a self-guided tour along the 500-meter tube that appears like a guy’s back paddock. It’s filled with cracks, fissures, lavacicles, and stalactites, scenery you can’t experience anywhere else.

These are just some of the unique features that make Maui stand out as a traveling destination. The rich culture and tradition on Maui is also something you will enjoy and the hospitality of the locals.